Our Process

We have worked with enterprises and startups, hence our process is very flexible and adaptable considering diverse client needs. We assemble a team of professional product engineers with necessary skills to plan, design, develop and maintain your specific project. During the process, we guide our clients through the product ideation and development steps.


We believe that the development of a great product begins by first going through a discovery stage that is usually done by the most skilled and experienced software engineers in our organization. This roadmap is in form of detailed user stories in form of : “As a <certain user> I want to <X> so that I can achieve A, B or C”.

Design Sprints

Once the stage is set, we begin to design. The requirements will be broken down further to be able to forecast the project’s timeline and estimate the level of effort and amount of resources needed. You will get a complete clickable visual prototype by the end of this phase.

Development Sprints

We care about exceeding your expectations. The software engineers start writing the code according to our client’s requirements. Our iterative approach ensures a smooth workflow of the product and the client can preview what has been done during the process. We define the entire road map into 1-2 week long sprints and before every sprint planning we will engage you and keep you fully updated. Every sprint is pushed to staging for QA and you can run / use the outcomes yourself.

Quality Assurance

Every sprint outcome is fully tested and launched to staging servers. After a release has been completed, the development and testing phases are performed iteratively as issues are found, corrected, and retested. After completion of QC, the next critical testing activity is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is performed by the client. The result? A flawless product.

Product Launch

We launch the product and take care of it post-launch on all fronts for you; be it load balancing or scalability. We resolve all hurdles strategically like your true partner. This phase includes transferring ownership of the product, and closing the deployment phase. Together, we make it a success.

Why Solution Summit

We work entirely for the satisfaction of our customers. We offer a full suite of IT consulting, Web Hosting, Web Design & Development, Internet & Custom Application Development, eCommerce and other allied services under one roof. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive and responsive approach towards your projects.

Our Partnerships

We build long term relationships with businesses all over the world. If you are looking for a reliable custom software development partner on an ongoing basis, Zamsol will provide innovation, dedicated resources and price discounts.







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