Our Story

To simply put it, we are simply an “innovation and production center” for technology solutions that change the world.

How it All Began

Solution Summit (Sol Summit) A Name of trust and Quality! Was founded in 2017. Since from its inception, it is striving for the best and best. We have a good team of web developers and designers who endeavor to their level best to satisfy the clients’ needs from the different locations of the world. Our good clients are our precious assets and we value their thoughts and ideas. We work with our clients as a team and keep them informed throughout the development period. Our Motto is “We are at your service” and our aim is “Total satisfaction of our clients through the quality of work in addition to low pricing.”

What We’ve Learnt

They say ignorance is bliss, we don’t agree. Knowing the amount of risks involved and diving in with the knowledge helps in early pivots, saving time and resources. We have seen founders making mistakes of building too much too early. Or not knowing their priorities, spending time on activities less important. Or doing too much planning, leaving less room for action. That’s a trap, with chances of failure way too high.

We believe in the lean startup movement and importance of rolling out “Minimum Viable Products” fast. This is to ensure that your customers validate the key hypothesis behind your business model and your key assumptions as early as possible. You will learn more in a day talking to customers than a week of brainstorming, a month of watching competitors or a year of market research.

At Solution Summit, we have brought in and nourished the finest talent, developed processes and methodologies to quickly roll out your ideas into Minimum Marketable Products. The importance of your first $$$ is often undermined. How quickly you can get there defines the chances of your success.

The “Solution Summit” Experience

Our real value addition is in our process of brainstorming and playing with ideas along with you, forming them into user stories and eventually defining the visual prototypes.

Most of our staff is Post graduate. They have degrees from the renowned Universities of the country. They have many years of hand on experience of best practices of the development in the market. We work as a winning team and struggle hard to come up with quality. We believe that we must go for component based programming rather to reinvent the wheel. That’s why we mostly used the best practices of Smarty, PHP Cake, and the power of Open Source. We credit www.phpclasses.com that has the best open source resources.  We use Object Oriented in addition to tiers Architecture for making a consolidated code for your product.

We mostly use agile frame work and its methodology ‘Scrum’ in order to get fast results. Clients feel themselves as a part of the project development even they are totally blank about the programming. Our methodologies involve them as a team player and they participate in development with their precious opinions. We keep our clients informed by different means of communication like emails, Phone calling, e-phony, Instant Messages. Clients can reach us on Hotmail, Yahoo, AIM, Skype, and Google Talk.

We give multiple revisions of our work to the 100% satisfaction of the client within the scope of the project.

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We love these lines from the book “Rework” by the founders of 37 signals,

“To do great work, you need to feel that you are making a difference. That you are putting a meaningful dent in the universe. That you are part of something important.”

Why Solution Summit

The satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority. We offer a full suite of IT consulting, Web Hosting, Web Design & Development, Internet & Custom Application Development, eCommerce and other allied services under one roof. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive and responsive approach to your projects.

Our Partnerships

Our motive is to build long term relationships with businesses all over the world. If you are looking for a reliable custom software development partner on an ongoing basis, Solution Summit will provide innovatively dedicated resources and price discounts.







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