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Solution Summit (Sol Summit) owns the full copyrights of the contents and data produced developed and/or collected through its Blogs and Forum in connection with the operation of this site. Our site and all the material including site contents which are available on the site (including but not restricted to knowledge, design of the template, images, and software (Web or desktop), rather than what is used from Open sources which subject to their own applicable laws*, protected or prosecutable by national and international copyrights, are in possession of and licensed to Solution Summit.

Solution Summit does not accept any liability in the case of any kind of damage, physical or logical, and any kind of threat and harm which in return cause of any injury to human or breakage of any security of any software or smash-up of the computer caused by any part of the site or Open Sources. You are using the site at your own risk. Solution Summit has tried its level best to make the site a safe and good place for working. This website has been developed by keeping in front of the best practices of the software engineering and can be best viewed on different available devices as a Responsive website.

The web technologies and writing contents which have been used are purely for a client to enter into a business association and rapport with Solution Summit. Any other use, as well as but not restricted to replicating, producing any new version, adaptation of its templates for sale, translation, commercial use of the whole or any part of the Solution Summit’s site from or by anyways, mechanical, electronic or otherwise, is firmly banned until unless prior permission is taken from the Solution Summit. Any violation of the above may direct to Cyber Crime trails.

It is also reiterated that any open source including images and software used on or for development of the site (which have LPG or General public Usage licenses) are subject to their own copyrights and claims. Solution Summit does not accept any charge of them and those are the properties of their respective producers. Solution Summit also does not assert any ownership right of them. But Solution Summit affirms that the end product (The Solution Summit’s site) which is the combination and result of these components is the sole property of it. Solution Summit also claims full possession of the Logo, slogan, moto used on the site. They have been protected by international laws.

The Portfolio section of the site is merely for showcase purpose in order to display our done work. It does not mean by any way that we are selling those projects. Our honorable clients have full copyrights of their products and projects. Contrary to the aforementioned; the projects and templates listed under the products section and Shopping cart section have been designed and maintained purely for sales use. These are those templates which were never produced for any specific buyer. This may happen that some names of the companies were used but it does not mean that those buyers purchased them from us. So we shall not accept any claim by anybody around the globe that those are their material or they have the copyrights of them.

Website’s Contents Policy:

Solution Summit has provided a blog and forum purely for knowledge sharing a purpose. One can post comments related to any issue within the Software and networking industry (Web and desktop) paradigm. The blog and form is not for discussing any general issue other than the Solution’s Summit website and Software and networking industry. We encourage the users of this site to come and join our forum and blog for discussion. Discuss your problems and get solved them from the Gurus around the world. All the comments which are posted on blog and forum are monitored but Solution Summit is under no obligation to do so and shall presume the responsibility for any post or material submitted and posted by its issuer or user to this site. You acknowledge that you are solely accountable for the remarks you submit and placed on this website. Also, you give assurance that you have full guilty for the legality, inventiveness, consistency, suitability, and copyrights of the notes posted by you on the site. Solution Summit is not liable for such notes and comments posted by the common user.

Any data contained in the comments posted by the users of the site to this website shall be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be used, mimicked, circulated and revealed by Solution Summit for any legal purpose without check.

Solution Summit does not allow any user to post any illegal, pornographic, threatening, obscene abusive, mal-functioning, virus-related exes and any kind of such material which is known and unknown to the website. We shall strictly ban such intruder and transgressor and we have full rights to remove, refuse or move any remarks posted on our forum; blog or anywhere on our website. Solution Summit has also the full credit for disclosing the entity of the guilty which submitted such postings to any legal authority to take the action against him/her. Solution Summit shall fully corporate with that legal body.

Overall Website Proviso:

It is informed that the contents of the website and/or website are subject to change or extinction without notice but Solution Summit tries to keep the user up-to-date about the coming events and happenings (But It is not mandatory).

Solution Summit took and takes great attention in developing and sustaining this website. However, Solution Summit launches this website on an ‘AS IS’ basis. Solution Summit makes no demonstrations or guarantees of any kind, articulate or obscured, as to the function of the website, the information, content, materials, products, software included in or related to this website (including but not limited to erroneousness in store addresses, availability of space that might outline in this website).

It is also reiterated that Solution Summit shall not accept any kind of accuse by any cause of harm to anybody through any part of the site. You are prior informed that anything which you obtain or download through the use of this website whether that is forum, blog, shopping cart; you are the only responsible for any damage to your piece of software or operating system or your personal or in-use computer; laptop; or anything you are using for browsing this website. Solution Summit assures itself (but not mandatory) that all the files uploaded to the site are 100% risk and virus free.

If this happens that Links are produced with other sites, e.g. through the use of research tools, Solution Summit shall not liable for the presence of the contents and other sites structured with in the Solution Summit Site. The users who use such tools and perform such activities are fully sentient and know that on the internet illegal and/or dangerous contents is common and that can have this. So Solution Summit has no control over such activities and harmful contents.

In the end, in the case of any legal sue or any discord which arises against Solution Summit or its website, that will be tackled by the law and courts within the jurisdiction for the area where the company is situated. But this is the extreme case, First of all, Solution Summit shall see what the problem is and why this problem arose. It shall try to find the solution along with the accuser/ Plaintiff. If unfortunately, both cannot resolve the arisen issue, finally it would be taken to the court of jurisdiction where the Solution Summit is established.

Our site is protected by Pakistani “Cyber Crime Law”. It is also protected by “Copyrights law” of Pakistan. Our site will also be protected by all the up-coming laws made by the Pakistani government in order to protect “Cyber Crimes”.

This disclaimer was written in Lahore; Punjab; Pakistan on 29th of July, 2008.

(*) => The Terms and Conditions of the open sources are available on their respective sites. And we reiterate that Solution Summit does not claim any copyright or ownership to the third parties component. We only claim for the end product that is Solution Summit’s Site which is currently running on the internet medium. Also, we don’t sell third parties Code or anything which is free by its nature.