Solution to Visual Studio ASP.NET 2008 Ver 3.5 Design view rendering issue

By Syed Murtaza

A few days back, I had been suffering from an issue that when I clicked on any .aspx file in .NET framework that did not get appear while the page seemed to be doing nothing except page halt and you had to have stopped that and close that page. I browsed the web and tried to find it on google but all in vain. All the solution posted on different forums very just the solution but actually was doing nothing and were not addressing the real issue. By fortune, I saw a URL by changing my search keywords, all the other links were just rubbish but this appealed to me. I open that and tried the solution written in that. Wow, great, it worked.

Then I decided to share that knowledge with Community.

Solution to the Problem:

Check your installed programs (Go to Control Panel – Add/Remove Windows Components) and verify that whether the “Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component” and “Microsoft Web Designer tools” are installed on your computer. If you see those are not there, do the following:


  1. Insert the DVD you have to your DVD player.
  2. Go to this location \WCU\WebDesignerCore\
  3. You will see an .exe with the following name:


  1. Click on this exe and run it.

NOTE: This exe doesn’t have a User Interface to guide you, so you will have to watch the Task Manager know when this exe completes its installation.




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